Full Communication: an immersive masterclass

theSHIFT and world-renowned theatre company Punchdrunk invite you to experience unique team training that will transform the way you think about communication.

This event takes place on the set of Punchdrunk’s latest show ‘The Burnt City’ in London, a cinematically designed world spread over two warehouses.

Until September 22th, the training experience can be followed by dinner and drinks locally, concluding with a return to the venue and VIP experience to that evening’s show described as “immersive theatre on an epic scale” (Independent). The extraordinary experience makes it the perfect opportunity for team training or client entertainment.


Team dynamics

Half day
and evening



“An engaging, exciting, useful afternoon, led by clearly skilled and caring people. A day not soon forgotten – thank you!”
TPX Impact
Digital Experience Agency

This experiential session is designed for teams, departments and functions who want transform the way they think about communication and connection.

It can also be run for a mixed group with your clients, helping to solidify relationships and keep clients sweet!

In this immersive session, your team will:

  • Explore the psychology of communication and the link between the mind and movement.
  • Learn how to work intentionally with your Mind, Body and Voice to communicate with the clarity and impact required in 2023 and beyond. 
  • Build team bonds and strengthen connection in an era of virtual and hybrid.
  • Reflect and plan away from the daily grind leaving you resourced and agile as individuals and as teams.

This unique half-day training experience is followed by team dinner and drinks locally, concluding with a return to the venue and VIP experience to that evening’s show.

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