Sometimes we need outside help to shift our perspective so that we can see a new way forward. At both an individual and organisational scale, we exist to facilitate the shift.

As Marcel Proust put it: “The real voyage of discovery, consists not of seeking new landscapes, but of having new eyes.”


Our team have over 25 years experience working within learning and development and have been fortunate to work with great organisations like Microsoft, John Lewis, Leeds Building Society, eBay and more.

We combine practical culture knowledge with learning psychology to create and embed sustainable change. We’ve worked in 43 countries delivering training for diverse teams from entry level to the C-Suite.


Miranda Mitchell

Miranda has over 20 years experience running top London creative, marketing and PR agencies. Leading teams, managing senior boards and coaching clients through conflict and change.

She can offer valued one to one leadership counsel as a trusted advisor and sounding board as well as feature as an external speaker for teams to inspire and offer an experienced outside perspective on a variety of people and culture based subjects.

Hebe Dickins

Hebe is a somatic therapist and wellbeing facilitator that specialises in the mind-body connection. Having originally trained as an actor, she integrates her understanding of behavioural performance techniques with her interpersonal, therapeutic work.

Hebe delivers leadership, communication, and wellbeing workshops to businesses alongside her 1:1 therapy practice.

Sasha Behar

Sasha studied Classics at Cambridge University and has over twenty five years of experience as a coach, facilitator and presenter.

Qualified as a coach and Psychosynthesis counsellor, she addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of transformation.

She works 1:1 and in groups, designing and delivering material on creative behaviours, personal impact and effective communication.






Radical candour


Growth mindset

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