SHIFT your perspective and unlock your team’s potential

Our clients are experiencing the most radical shift to how they work that they’ve seen for the last 100 years.

The rules of work are being redesigned, rebuilt and reborn.

We are an award-winning learning and company culture consultancy that help our clients navigate the changing landscape by building mindsets and cultures that can adapt to the business challenges of tomorrow.

What we do


Mindset shift

You can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them. Through our training programmes we help people grow and develop the new mindsets needed for success.


Culture shift

Company culture is your unique competitive advantage. We help unlock your organisation’s potential by designing people systems in harmony with business strategy.

we help

  • Attract and retain top talent with a progressive employee journey from discovery through to exit.
  • Boost employee engagement by creating a company culture of transparency and feedback through communications and cultural initiatives.
  • Create a company culture of high performance by designing a performance and development approach that is loved by employees.
  • Increase productivity and creativity with an effective approach to hybrid working with the adoption of progressive tools.
  • Improve organisational effectiveness by aligning internal processes and systems with your goals, values and purpose.
  • Increase employee wellbeing and engagement with an Inclusion & Diversity and Wellbeing strategy that is central to the business.
  • Build inspirational leaders through coaching on resilience, communication, feedback and more.
  • Improve team dynamics and unlock performance by showing managers how to establish psychological safety.

Who cares?

Nice words

The work theSHIFT do is transformative. I’ve recommended them to colleagues and friends and each time I am taken aback by the difference they’ve made.

Since working with them, I’ve noticed a considerable shift in my mindset at work: my voice is louder, I’m taking up more space and my ideas are travelling further.
Sarah Brand
Creative Content Manager,
theSHIFT creates an environment where I’m inspired and ultimately willing to be pushed out of my comfort zone. They’ve got a wealth of experience to share but are equally skilled in understanding my context and how I work in it. This is why I’m in my third place of work, yet still coming to James for professional development.
Ben Summers
Sustainability Manager, Innocent Drinks

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