Company culture is your unique competitive advantage.

There’s an old adage in the world of business which states that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast.’

This has never been more true.

The modern world of work is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

Business plans need to be re-written on the fly, briefs change day-to-day. On top of this, working life itself is fragmented and increasingly remote. In the absence of certainty, it’s your company culture that acts as the DNA which determines everyone’s behaviour.

The challenge for businesses is two-fold. First, how do you understand your company culture? And second, how do you build the culture you need?

Our approach is simple but powerful.

We support organisations across the Four Pillars of Culture™



Vision and purpose

Company values

Inclusive leadership


Leadership structure

Employee relations

Internal communications

Manager training



Performance management

Promotion framework

Feedback culture

Development programmes

Recognition and reward

Training opportunities



Wellbeing strategy

Employee voice

Mental health

Work-life balance


Financial support

Trust and autonomy

Boundary management



Onboarding design

Support community


Team dynamics

Psychological safety

Social connection

Departmental culture

EDI education

Our approach

Culture analytics

Culture shift

Kind words

During a period of growth, theSHIFT helped us to cultivate and articulate clear cultural values that resonated with our entire team. Whether it was our technical teams tackling client challenges or our recruitment team scouting for top talent, the values established with theSHIFT were not only meaningful but also easily embraced by everyone. Matt demonstrated an exceptional talent for fostering a safe yet stimulating environment, which proved invaluable in guiding our leadership team through the necessary mindset shift to lay the groundwork for our desired culture.

Building on this foundation, Matt collaborated with us to craft a robust Performance, Development & Reward framework, designed to nurture talent while remaining aligned with the realities of our business. Throughout the process, it was evident that Matt was tailoring a bespoke solution for us, driven by his genuine interest in understanding our business and people. His receptiveness to feedback and willingness to adjust along the way further underscored his commitment to our success. I would highly recommend theSHIFT to any growing business seeking to establish a strong foundation which will support you in navigating both everyday challenges and your strategic changes.
James Hill
Operations & Delivery Director

Culture bites

Simple culture packages to get started

Brilliant onboarding

Brilliant onboarding

69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding and yet only only 12% of employees felt their company did a great job with onboarding.

We help design brilliant onboarding programs to help new employees settle in faster and feel included from before they even start.


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