Brilliant onboarding

Do you remember how you felt on your first day at your company? What about the weeks leading up to it? Excited? Nervous?

First impressions are everything, but first impressions happen well before a first day. In fact, 40% of turnover happens within the first month.1 That’s why a brilliant onboarding program starts well before the employee starts. It starts with calming nerves, building excitement and growing confidence in their new role.

It’s no wonder that organisations with brilliant onboarding programs are 70% more likely to retain employees – and yet only 12% of employees feel their company did a great job with onboarding.2

We help design brilliant onboarding programs to help new employees settle in faster and feel included. We’ll guide you and them from their first day, first month through to first year.

The emotional journey













Each onboarding program should be designed to fit the culture of the company. Some might be fully virtual, others in-person. Some might use Slackbots to guide the new employee whilst others may have whole HR departments dedicated to the process.

We’ll cover key milestones such as pre-boarding, first day, first week, first month and onwards. We’ll look at inductions, connections and welcomes as we explore how to activate the 5 Levers of Belonging.

We typically allow 1 month for design. This allows us time to get to know your current processes, to incorporate feedback as we co-design the new program and to support its implementation.

Following delivery we leave a 1 month settling in period where we’re available to answer any questions that may arise and finish off with a final 1 month check-in.

The cost starts at £9,000* and varies depending on the size of your organisation and number of locations that need to be considered.

*This is less than the cost of replacing 1 employee!

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