C-Suite coaching powered by purpose

Leeds Building Society isn’t a bank – they’re a purpose-led mutual, which means they’re owned by members and run in their interests.

Each year the Society hold an annual colleague Roadshow which is a critical engagement moment in the calendar, allowing the ExCo to communicate past year performance and look ahead to new priorities.


During the pandemic, the Roadshow moved to pre-recorded video, which was unfortunately less impactful and received lower colleague sentiment scores.

So, it was only right that the ExCo wanted to make a big bang for their first Roadshow back in person – especially as they’d just launched their new Purpose-led strategy and colleague understanding of, and emotional connection with, this was going to be crucial to the Society’s ongoing success.

There were high expectations and the ExCo wanted to meet them – to communicate their passion and point of view in an inspiring and authentic way whilst ensuring colleague understanding.

What we did

We worked closely with the C-Suite, L&D and Internal Comms teams over several months to improve the ExCo’s personal impact and ensure the critical messaging landed across the 4-day Roadshow.

  • Designed group and individual learning plans for each ExCo presenter
  • Incorporated messaging around the new strategic priorities and behaviours into scripting and design
  • Recorded and produced bite-size video learning content around storytelling, communication and performance
  • Delivered 121 performance and communication coaching leading up to, and during, the Roadshow


We knew that there were specific metrics that the Society wanted to improve from previous years so we had factored these into our planning and coaching sessions.

We were delighted to see that the key success measures all scored extremely highly and either increased or equalled the previous year.

understood the content
understood the new strategy
felt confident that the new strategy would drive the business forward
felt excited about the direction the Society was heading

Colleague comments