Giving feedback that sticks

In this session we explore how you can create a culture of healthy feedback within your business, taking the sting out of difficult conversations and creating a better future as a result.



90 minutes


Small groups



“It was great to have the space to think about how the characters we see in the spotlight have consciously engineered themselves and how we can learn to do the same.”
Abi Roper
Digital Producer

This session is designed for teams, leadership groups and entire organisations. Everyone benefits from improving their ability to give and receive feedback.

It is especially pertinent to both new and established leaders, offering self-awareness and helping to build confidence.

This informative and interactive 90-minute session broaches the thorny topic of giving feedback.

  • Create a culture of healthy feedback within your business
  • Take the sting out of difficult conversations and creating a better future as a result.
  • Understand why people avoid giving feedback.
  • Master the technique of giving good feedback, the optimal timing of it, the different styles we can use to deliver it, and more.

This workshop is a strong first-step towards ensuring that your business perpetuates a healthy culture of feedback, deployed and nurtured by leaders who are focused as much on their communication skills as they are on the technical work they produce.

We know that long training sessions do not work well online, so we have repackaged our expertise into a series of modules that last 90-minute to 2-hours. We believe this makes the best of the online format and ensures that delegates get the most from their time with us.

We like using Zoom but we are happy to use other platforms if preferred by our clients.

The course can be delivered as an interactive talk for larger groups but we recommend that the number of learners is limited to between 8 and 12. This is so that we can engage with everyone and pick up questions, building on individual and team ideas as each session progresses.

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