Understanding Teamwork with Fleetwood Mac

‘Rumours’ by Fleetwood Mac has sold 45 million copies and is an archetypal story of a team overcoming personal & professional struggles to achieve a timeless end product.

This workshop digs into the events at The Record Plant Studios in Sausalito, California in 1976 as Fleetwood Mac created their masterpiece, ‘Rumours’ – our case study of teamwork underpinning the session and bringing the content and learning to life.

We look at what they did right as a team, what they did wrong as a team, and most importantly what teams today can learn from it.


Team dynamics,

120 minutes





“The training was so great, and I think exceptionally well-timed and well-topic’ed (that’s not a word, but oh well!) for this moment that we are in as a team. Everyone has been raving about the conversation, reflecting on moments that resonated with them particularly. I’m really eager to see where this leads the team in the coming months.”
Anna Helms
Director of Project Operations

This training has been specifically designed for teams to experience together.

It has similarly worked well for entire companies, and also for smaller in-house teams from larger organisations.  

  • Benchmarking dynamics of high-performing teams through robust data
  • The psychology and evolution of teamwork
  • Why teams often fail 
  • Analysis of how your team is showing up at work now
  • The simple quick wins that can sustainably improve teamwork
  • How to embrace the more uncomfortable elements of teamwork
  • What happens if we stop communicating
  • What measurable actions need to be put in place to improve the performance of our team 

This session has been designed as an interactive online workshop.

We like using Zoom but we are happy to use other platforms if preferred by our clients.

We recommend that the number of attendees is limited to between 8 and 12. This is so that we can engage with everyone and pick up questions, building on individual and team ideas as each session progresses.

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