Privilege and power

This workshop provides valuable insights into how privilege and an imbalance of power, often driven by the patriarchy, can negatively impact those who come from historically marginalised groups.

Expect your team to come away with a much better appreciation of their own responsibility and ability to drive culture change as some actionable changes (hacks) to help drive that change, making your organisation more inclusive and diverse.

This session is has been co-designed with Token Man, experts in DEI specifically focused on engaging men in Inclusion and Diversity discussions.


Team dynamics

2 hours





“It was great to have the space to think about how the characters we see in the spotlight have consciously engineered themselves and how we can learn to do the same.”
Abi Roper
Digital Producer

As we will learn in the workshop, it’s not just people in positions of formal power that need to be considerate of their power and privilege. However we find it is particularly beneficial to start with leadership teams and managers before rolling out more widely.

In this interactive session, we will explore:

  • How privilege and power dynamics impact our everyday interactions.
  • The negative impact of power dynamics in group settings.
  • An understanding of our personal privilege and power.
  • How we can positively use our privilege and power dynamics to ensure that those with less power don’t have less of a voice.

This session has been designed as an interactive online workshop and can be delivered for up to 20 people.

We like using Zoom but we are happy to use other platforms if preferred by our clients. There is a a small additional fee if you would prefer the workshop to be in person.

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